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Seeing the Songs: A Poet’s Journey to the Shamans in Ecuador

by Gary Margolis

Award-winning poet and psychologist, Gary Margolis, takes us on a journey into two hearts of Ecuador—the High Andes and Rainforest. There, he and his small group of writers, counselors, and business men and women encounter the practice and wisdom of the shamans, the curanderos. There, they see the trees that have been taken, the Indians whose songs remain. Step by step, mile by mile, they find their way up and over the Andes, across the stone-sung Amazon rivers and further into the jungle, to find a love they had forgotten, a world with which they could return.

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Special Series: Flâneur/Peripatetic Productions
US/CAN $14.95
128 pages, paperback
Contains 25 photos and 1 map
ISBN 978-1927043318

Thoreau and the Aquatic Cats of Concord: A Love Story

by the Venerable Mina M. Chat

“What sort of philosophers are we, who know nothing of the origins and destiny of cats.”

—Henry D. Thoreau, Journal, 12 Dec 1856

“Our young Maltese cat Min…has been absent these cold nights…Various are the conjectures as to her adventures.”

—Henry D. Thoreau, Journal, 28 February 1856

The recent discovery of the journal of Henry D. Thoreau’s companion cat Min sheds new light on the inner workings of the Thoreau household and especially on the methodology used by the scholar in his studies of natural history. Translated and edited by the Venerable Mina M. Chat, and accompanied by corresponding feline-related excerpts from Henry’s own writings, Thoreau and the Aquatic Cats of Concord: A Love Story provides an intimate portrait of one of the closest relationships to ever be recorded between a cat and a human.

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US/CAN $19.95
176 pages, paperback
Contains 6 drawings
ISBN 978-0981243436

Westward I Go Free: Tracing Thoreau’s Last Journey

by Corinne Hosfeld Smith
Foreword by Laura Dassow Walls

“Eastward I only go by force; but westward I go free…We go eastward to realize history and study the works of art and literature, retracing the steps of the race; we go westward as into the future, with a spirit of enterprise and adventure.”

—Henry David Thoreau, Walking

Henry David Thoreau boasted in Walden that he had “travelled a good deal in Concord,” his Massachusetts hometown. In reality, his lectures, surveying work, and natural explorations led him to select areas throughout New England, the American Northeast, and the Canadian East (Quebec). His recurring travels to the Maine Woods and Cape Cod were well documented and have been followed by “Thoreauvians” for decades. Not so, however, his 1861 “Journey West” with Horace Mann, Jr., which took the duo from Massachusetts to Minnesota and back. The details of this last, longest, and least-known of Thoreau’s excursions were left veiled in mystery…until now. This is the story of two 19th-century men and a 21st-century woman who was determined to follow their 4,000-mile path.

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Special Series: Flâneur/Peripatetic Productions
US/CAN $28.95
456 pages, paperback
Contains 30 photos and 7 illustrations
ISBN 978-1927043301