Green Frigate Books


Words on the page have the power to transport us, and in the process, transform us. Such journeys can be far reaching, traversing the landscapes of the external world and that within, as well as the timescapes of the past, present and future.

Green Frigate Books is a small publishing house offering a vehicle—a ship—for those seeking to conceptually sail and explore horizons of the natural and built environments, and the relations of humans within them. Our goal is to reach an educated lay readership by producing works that fall in the cracks between those offered by traditional academic and popular presses.


Green Frigate Books is pleased to announce the new special series Flâneur/Peripatetic Productions designed to publish works related to intellectual travel, including place-based literary essays, travel memoirs, and scholarly reviews.

Deep travel engages the mind as much as it does the body, contributing toward what might be referred to as an “active intellect.” Whether strolling about a city or engaging in discussions while venturing into the countryside, Flâneur/Peripatetic Productions are devoted to exploring those roads, within and without, that are truly less travelled.

Green Frigate Books is in the process of converting all its titles so they will be available as e-books.

Green Frigate Books is also pleased to announce the new imprint Scriptorium/Palimpsest Press.

In medieval times, monk scholars would gather in the scriptorium and reuse valuable sheets of vellum parchment that had once contained previous words and images. In a similar spirit of conservation, Scriptorium/Palimpsest Press is devoted to collecting and republishing earlier palimpsest tracings.

All GFB and SPP books are designed by Opaque Design & Print Production.